BioProtein Post Treatment Rejuvenation 20ml

BioProtein Post Treatment Rejuvenation 20ml

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BioProtein Post Treatment Rejuvenation

This product is to be used on hair after it has had the Imprivo Pre-Treatment Protection and colouring and is designed to be a salon treatment

It has been specifically designed and formulated to contain precisely the right amount of BSP to rejuvenate hair. Utilising the unique life giving naturally derived BSP protein extracted from bovine seminal plasma it nourishes replenishes and revitalises the hair to make it feel young again.

Each tube contains 20ml of Post-treatment rejuvenation creme. It is recommended that one tube be used on each client to ensure good coverage and obtain maximum benefit.

Weight: 25g

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"I’ve been hairdressing for over 20 years and haven’t come across a product such as Imprivo with such amazing, instant results like the Natural Protein Company has generated. We all strive to introduce our clients to the best possible products for their hair, I feel confident in Imprivo as results have seen it dramatically restore the hairs natural structure and enhances moisture."
Leading Salon Owner, Hamilton New Zealand

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