Multipack Promotion

Multipack Promotion

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1x 250ml Advanced Care BioProtein Shampoo 

1x 200ml Extended Care BioProtein Conditioner

5x Revitalising BioProtein Spritzer 150ml

*Only while stocks last. Covers only the Imprivo products & quantities listed above.

Advanced Care BioProtein Shampoo

This is a specially formulated shampoo containing the natural and revolutionary BSP protein that will leave your hair much stronger, easier to comb and with increased shine.

The BSP protein extracted from NZ sourced bovine seminal plasma provides your hair with an advanced level of protection combatting the rigours of daily washing and drying.  Used regularly it will strengthen and enhance the way your hair looks and feels while making your hair feel young again.

Weight: 230g

Revitalising BioProtein Spritzer 150ml

This product is developed specifically as a spritzer for use at home or when you are out and about or anytime your tired and listless hair needs a lift.

Containing the natural and unique BSP protein extracted from bovine seminal plasma this product lifts hair intensity, returns colour and sheen and helps protect against sun and wind damage. Its unique protectant properties can also aid in preventing aging, maintain strength and just make your hair feel young again.

Each bottle contains 150ml of Imprivo Revitalising Spritzer. Under normal conditions one bottle could be expected to last for up to 25 - 30 applications.

 Extended Care BioProtein Conditioner

This is a take home conditioner product containing the natural and revolutionary BSP protein.  

The life giving properties of the BSP natural protein extracted from bovine seminal plasma have been incorporated into this product and demonstrated scientifically to increases hair volume, retain tensile strength,  reduces breakages and make hair easy to comb. Quite simply Imprivo Extended Care BioProtein Conditioner makes your hair feel young again.

Each tube contains 200ml of conditioner. It is recommended to use 10 – 15 ml of product after each shampoo use.  For best results leave the product in for a minimum of 3 minutes before rinsing out. We recommend that you use this product in combination with our Advanced Care BioProtein Shampoo

Weight: 230g

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