About Imprivo

ImprivoTM is a revolutionary hair care system that increases hair volume, retains its tensile strength and dramatically reduces breakages. It makes your hair feel young again

This product range is proudly brought to you by The Natural Protein Company Ltd who are a New Zealand owned & registered company. Imprivo™ is a new range of hair care products that use a natural, biological, source of intense Bio-protein plasma to deliver extraordinary benefits to your hair – both protecting and rejuvenating at the same time.

Imprivo™ utilises a Bio-protein derived from Seminal Plasma (known as BSP) – or more specifically the "life giving" nutrients from the fluid that supports the reproductive tissues in the bull. This natural protein is extracted and combined with the finest quality components to deliver a highly effective and unique hair care system.

The BSP used in the manufacture of the ImprivoTM range of products is entirely natural and sourced from bulls bred and raised on New Zealands clean green pastures. It is harvested using harmless techniques used for decades in the animal reproduction industry.

This bio-protein plasma has remarkable natural properties – which actually increase the tensile strength of chemically damaged hair. It also is known to have anti-bacterial properties which can assist with promoting a healthy scalp, while also protecting your hair from the harsh chemicals used in the colouring and bleaching processes. In addition the natural nature of the ImprivoTM products is easier on the users hands as it does not contain any harsh chemicals.


  • Is a new range of hair care products for colour-treated hair
  • Is a revolutionary bio-plasma protein derived from Seminal Plasma – scientifically tested to provide significant benefits to improve hair health
  • A product that is both protective and restorative
  • Improves the tensile properties of chemically damaged hair
  • Has anti-bacterial properties – providing benefits for both scalp and hair
  • Increases hair volume
  • Improves tensile strength
  • Decreases hair breakage
  • Reduces combing force required

Imprivo™ is a complete hair-care system for treated hair and includes:

  • Pre-treatment - for hair protection
  • Post-treatment – for hair rejuvenation
  • At-home treatment – for ongoing hair care


Imprivo™is a proud member of Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CTFA)

Quality Guaranteed

Products in the Imprivo™ range are made from the ingredients of the highest quality possible. The key BSP protein is sourced entirely from within New Zealand. The products are manufactured in New Zealand at a GMP compliant facility and shipped to you in the expectation you will be delighted with the product.

All products leave our premises in perfect condition. If the product does not reach you in the condition in which they were dispatched then please advise us immediately and we will promptly issue a replacement of credit.

Safe Shopping

When shopping on the Imprivo™ website rest assured that we have taken every precaution that we can to ensure that your purchases and transactions are as safe as we can make them. We use experienced website partners to ensure that the security systems used on the website are regularly updated and current.

We make every effort to keep our customer details safe.