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The Natural Protein Company is a small Agri-technology company based in the Waikato. The companies lead extract is BSP (which stands for bovine seminal plasma)

BSP is a unique protein derived from bovine seminal plasma collected from New Zealand bred bulls farmed and maintained on well maintained and managed farms in the Waikato and Manawatu.

The bovine seminal plasma is collected on farm from a number of different bulls using routine and harmless techniques used in animal husbandry for 100s of years. It is then purified to give BSP suitable for a number of applications.

We have developed the BSP as a hair care additive to produce the ImprivoTM range of products which are currently being used in salons and available to the public.

The products are produced in New Zealand by a leading cosmetics manufacturer.

We are continuing to look at the BSP extract for other applications such as cosmetics and skin care and hope to ultimately bring a range of skin care products to market.

We believe that the use of such a natural protein meets a significant market demand in the cosmetic industry


About Us

Lynne Webster – Managing Director

Lynne Webster was raised on the Waikato farm she now owns and manages. The farm produces top class bulls from which the BSP is harvested. Lynne embraces sustainable thinking and product traceability. She believes there is untapped potential in New Zealand’s natural resources and in particular those relating to the farming sector.

Lynne has a post graduate Diploma in Marketing, which has provided her with an understanding of the core principles, required for developing a product and then delivering it to the market place. 

She is a lateral thinker who responds to challenges and has plenty of imagination, motivation and innovative problem solving skills, which is integral to the success of her new business venture which is The Natural Protein Company.

Dr Vish Vishwanath – Technical Director

Vish is an experienced research scientist with a PhD in animal reproduction from The University of Sydney, Australia. He is a specialist in male reproduction and has published extensively in this field. He has held senior research and management positions in New Zealand and now serves as a consultant to some large animal breeding companies worldwide.

Vish brings to The Natural Protein Company the essential technical expertise in understanding the role of some of these natural extracts. Vish oversees and supervises the underlying research programme as well as providing product development and management expertise in this enterprise. He shares with Lynne the common goal of finding unique biological applications for these protein extracts.

Dr Ian Boddy – Business Development

Ian trained as an organic chemist and spent time working overseas in both scientific and management roles. After returning to NZ, Ian worked for Celentis and then AgResearch as General Manager, Commercial. He is an expert in technology commercialisation and intellectual property management. He currently act as a consultant for many agritechnology organisations in New Zealand.

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The Natural Protein Company

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Phone: +64 7 856 2177


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