Underpinning Technology

The IMPRIVO product is based on the distinctive properties of the plasma protein separated from bovine semen. This plasma protein (BSP) is uniquely positioned to be used in hair care products. BSP has developed in nature specifically to support and nourish the cilia on spermatazoa which have a similar make up to hair structures and so BSP is effectively designed to nurture and support hair.

BSP when used in hair care products has been shown in scientific tests to both protect, revitalise and add bulk to hair when applied before or after harsh treatments.

A summary of the scientific evidence is shown in figures between the raw extract as well as the extract blended into a conditioner to formulate IMPRIVO™

Figure-1: Average strength of normal hair and Colour treated hair as measured by its breakage strength. The IMPRIVO™ process significantly improves breakage strength of Colour treated hair indicative of its reparative properties.


Figure-2: Breakage tests measuring the brittleness of normal hair compared with Colour treated hair and Colour treated hair + IMPRIVO™. Results clearly show large decrease in percentage failures with Colour treated hair + IMPRIVO™.