What people are saying about Imprivo

Bettjemans have been using Imprivo all year. What attracted us to Imprivo firstly was the Bio
Protein Pre-Treatment Protector spray that protected the hair during colour services.
This treatment resonates well with the colourists and clients and the results have been exciting.
The conditioner is changing the lives of rebellious hair for clients as the difference it makes to a
smooth blow wave is phenomenal.
Imprivo under-promises, and over delivers.
It is now a permanent tool in the Bettjemans colour treatment tool box!
Amber Evans, Salon Manager/Senior Stylist, Bettjemans Hair Associates


I am really impressed with what a difference the Imprivo pre-colour treatment spray makes after
the colour service; the result is quite dramatic. The pre-colour treatment definitely improved
strength and shine. The consistency of both the Imprivo pre-colour treatment and the Imprivo
creme rinse are great and the detangling is excellent and the shine is amazing.
Jennifer Morgan, Colourist & Managing Director, Morgan and Morgan Urban Retreat, Auckland , NZ


I have been one of the lucky Ladies to trial the Imprivo product. I have a rather full head of hair and
it’s coloured. The product has been wonderful on my hair as it calms my hair (ultra frizz) and gives
it a conditioning feel at the same time. It feels like a different texture to other products when you
apply it, then when you wash it out, my hair feels so lovely and conditioned, as though you have
had a treatment in for hours. It has probably helped me get away with not having as many hair cuts
as my hair condition seems to have held a lot better especially on the ends since using this product
on a regular basis. I am thrilled to have been one of the first to test the Imprivo product. I am sold
on it!
Johanna Pansier, Insurance Adviser, Director, Johanna Pansier Insurance, Auckland NZ


Gives a lovely texture, stops tangles, easy to comb after use
Cissie Avery, Portsmouth UK


I have had years of chemical colour usage as well as an advanced and recurring stress related
scalp condition. This condition causes flakiness and extreme itchiness, and has not responded
to medical, specialised health nor salon retail products. This distressing condition resulted in
pain, hair loss and redness. I have used about 10 sachets of Imprivo and noticed that after
about seven sachets uses over two weeks my scalp has calmed considerably, with reduced
itch and redness. The result is amazing. I also noticed my four weekly salon colour treatment
lasted about a week longer than normal when using Imprivo. After I stopped using Imprivo and
returning to my usual salon products, the condition has unfortunately returned aggressively. I
will certainly be grateful when this conditioner product is available on the market as it is by far
the best of the many treatments I have tried over the years. This is a winner.
Bev McIntosh, Media account manager. Hamilton New Zealand


I’ve been hairdressing for over 20 years and haven’t come across a product such as Imprivo with
such amazing, instant results like the Natural Protein Company has generated. We all strive to
introduce our clients to the best possible products for their hair, I feel confident in Imprivo as
results have seen it dramatically restore the hairs natural structure and enhances moisture.
Leading Salon Owner, Hamilton New Zealand


Very soon after starting Imprivo I noticed a significant improvement in the condition of my fine
hair. It became much more manageable, healthier and there were less fly aways. This reduced
my need for heavier styling products
Heather Forsythe, Hamilton New Zealand